Defibrillator / AED test solutions provide various ECG modes for AED defibrillation testing and embedded battery voltage multimeters. Solutions suitable for all AED brands on the market for after-sales service, specialized for AED manufacturers.


Defibrillator /AED Standard and Solutions

Model DFS360 DFS360D
QC Production
Display Defibrillation Characteristics Points
Shock Waveform with 100% Raw Data
Defibrillation Energy Joules Measurement
Adult & Pediatric Ranges / Modes
Applicable to Withstand Shocks AEDs
Defibrillators (with Paddle Box)
Every 15 seconds
Every 30 seconds
ECG Simulator VT, VF, NSR
VT Fast, VF Fine, AF, Asystole
Optional User-Defined ECG Patterns or Clinical Signals
Convert to NSR
Arrythmia Convert Combination
History Record & Export
Overheat Warning Protection